Bille Woodruff

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Born in Denver, Colorado, Bille Woodruff began his career at Black Entertainment Television, working his way up from unpaid intern to Executive Producer of Specials and Original Programming during his nine years there. Woodruff founded his first production company while at BET and produced EPKs for artists such as En Vogue and Gang Starr. One group, Blaze, felt that he understood their music so well that they asked him to direct their music video. The shoot went exceptionally well, and Woodruff went on to direct videos for some of the recording world's top artists, including Outkast, The Backstreet Boys, Usher, Celine Dion and Britney Spears.

He also runs his own production company, Geneva Films, which includes a roster of directors, choreographers, and models. Woodruff made the move to feature film directing with Honey (2003), starring Jessica Alba. He was drawn to the screenplay because, "The idea of Honey's journey got me excited. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a famous dancer, or a singer, or a rock star. It would be a dream of mind to inspire a dream in a kid who sees this picture."

Although it wasn't a huge hit, Honey made a profit and led the way for Woodruff to next direct Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop (2005). In his spare time, Woodruff enjoys "hanging out with my mom and my friends, just chillin'."


Beauty Shop (2005)
Honey (2003)