Alia Shawkat

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Date of Birth: April 18, 1989

Alia Shawkat was first noticed by Hollywood agents when she appeared in a Calvin Klein catalogue. Shortly after, in 1999, the 11-year-old landed a role in the film Three Kings opposite George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and her father, Tony Shawkat.

Following her appearance on the big screen, the budding actress took on the role as young Hannah Rayburn in the family television series State of Grace. When that show ended in 2002, Shawkat made guest appearances on Presidio Med, Without a Trace and Boomtown before landing a lead role as Maeby Funke on the Emmy award-winning comedy Arrested Development, which lasted three seasons (2003-2006).

Shawkat has since returned to the big screen, acting opposite Matthew Broderick and Kristin Davis in Deck the Halls (2006), with Cheryl Hines and William H. Macy in Bart Got a Room (2008), and with fellow young actors Ricky Ullman and Rachelle Lefevre in Prom Wars (2008). In 2009, Shawkat reprised her role as Maeby Funke for the big screen version of Arrested Development. She starred in The Oranges (2011) and The To Do List (2013). More recently, she starred in The Final Girls (2015).

Shawkat hopes to attend Yale University where she would like to study International Relations.


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