Flip (Hoch) is a white hip-hop poet who lives in Iowa. Craving the real rap scene, Flip wants to move to the Chicago ghetto and write rap hits like his idols. According to Flip, the color of his skin is just a mistake.

Then Flip meets Khalid (Byrd), an upper class black kid from Chicago. When Flip gets Khalid out of some trouble with the law, Flip feels he owes him. Khalid agrees to take Flip and his friends to Chicago for the real rapper experience.
Cast: Danny Hoch, Dash Mihok, Mark Webber, Snoop Dogg, Piper Perabo
Director: Marc Levin
Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Producer(s): Ezra Swerdlow, Henri M. Kessler, Richard Stratton
Writer(s): Danny Hoch, Garth Belcon, Marc Levin, Richard Stratton
Official Site: www.foxsearchlight.com/production/whiteboys.html