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What Planet Are You From?

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In Theaters: March 3, 2000

R | Comedy | 1h 44m

What Planet Are You From?

This randy comedy follows an extra-terrestrial named Harold (Shandling) on his mission to impregnate a woman (Bening) on Earth in order to ensure his planet's domination in the universe. However, Harold soon becomes a victim of the courting and mating anxieties that plague all Earthlings. He soon realizes that what can be taught about relationships is very different from what can be learned through experience.
Cast: Richard Jenkins, Garry Shandling, Greg Kinnear, Annette Bening, John Goodman, Linda Fiorentino, Ben Kingsley
Director: Mike Nichols
Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Producer(s): Mike Nichols, Garry Shandling
Writer(s): Michael Leeson , Garry Shandling
Official Site: www.spe.sony.com/movies/jump/f_whatplanet.html