Used Cars

Used Cars is one of Robert Zemeckis' pre-Roger Rabbit and pre-Forrest Gump efforts starring Kurt Russell is a devious car salesman who goes to work for affable but monumentally unsuccessful used car dealer Jack Warden. Warden's principal rival is his more prosperous twin brother, also played by Warden, who schemes to take over the good brother's lot. After a series of raunchy vignettes, the film boils down to an every-man-for-himself price war between the two Wardens, which rages on even after we're one Warden short. The supporting cast of Used Cars is populated by such reliables as David L. Lander, Michael McKean, Al Lewis, Dub Taylor, Dick Miller and Betty Thomas.
Cast: Gerrit Graham, Harry Northup, Michael McKean, Jack Warden, Kurt Russell, Alfonso Arau, Andrew Duncan, David Lander, Dub Taylor, Frank McRae, Al Lewis, Claude Jones, Deborah Harmon, Joseph Flaherty, Michael Talbott, Woodrow Parfrey, Dan Barrows, Cheryl Rixon
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Producer(s): Bob Gale