Middle-aged novelist/translator Reta (Catherine Keener) has a happy life with a loving husband (Matt Craven) and three nearly grown daughters. That changes when her eldest daughter Norah (Hannah Gross) suddenly drops out of college and runs away.

Norah turns up as a panhandler in Toronto, an hour away from the quiet family home where she grew up. Norah either refuses or is unwilling to speak and doesn't acknowledge the presence of her parents or friends. She wears a sign around her neck that reads "Goodness." Reta struggles to understand what has happened to Norah to cause this sudden change in personality.

Based on the novel "Unless" by Canadian author Carol Shields.

Cast: Catherine Keener, Hannah Gross, Matt Craven, Chloe Rose, Brendan Coyle, Martha Henry, Linda Kash
Director: Alan Gilsenan
Studio: Sienna Films
Producer(s): Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny, Tristan Lynch
Writer(s): Alan Gilsenan