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The Greatest

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In Theaters: April 2, 2010

R | Drama | 1h 39m

The Greatest

When their son Bennett (Aaron Johnson) is killed in a car crash, his parents, Allen (Pierce Brosnan) and Grace Brewer (Susan Sarandon), are left grief-stricken, with their family pushed to the breaking point.

A young woman, Rose (Carey Mulligan), shows up a few months later on their doorstep. She has no family but turns to the Brewers when she discovers she's pregnant with Bennett's child. The Brewers decide to take her in and although at first, Rose's presence threatens to tear the family even further apart, eventually, her interaction with each of the family members proves to be the very thing that brings them back together.

Cast: Carey Mulligan, Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Johnny Simmons, Zoƫ Kravitz
Director: Shana Feste
Studio: Paladin
Producer(s): Lynette Howell
Writer(s): Shana Feste