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The Fan

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In Theaters: May 15, 1981

R | Drama, Thriller | 1h 35m

The Fan

Lauren Bacall more or less plays herself in The Fan. Cast as famous Broadway musical comedy star Sally Ross (with an astonishing lack of temperament!), Bacall finds herself the unwilling love object of psychotic fan Douglas Breen (Michael Biehn). As security around Ross tightens, Breen vows that if he can't have Ross, no one else can. James Garner and Maureen Stapleton are underused as, respectively, Bacall's ex-husband and mother-hen secretary. Based on a good novel by Bob Randall, The Fan comes off as a slightly more expensive stalker of the week TV movie. Still, the film proved grimly prescient in the light of John Lennon's assassination (which occurred after the film was completed, but before its release) and the ongoing dilemma of current Broadway stars (even the lesser lights) who are forced to hire bodyguards to protect them from worshipful wackos.
Cast: Maureen Stapleton, Anna Horsford, Lauren Bacall, Michael Biehn, James Garner, Dwight Schultz, Griffin Dunne, Dana Delany, H├ęctor Elizondo, Kaiulani Lee, Kurt Johnson, Feiga Martinez, Reed Jones, Charles Blackwell
Director: Ed Bianchi, Edward Bianchi
Producer(s): Robert Stigwood