The Adventures of Pluto Nash Movie Poster

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Welcome to the Moon 2087. With all the natural resources mined out years ago, the Moon has become the new Wild West. A place where money and the right contacts can get you anything you want and anything goes.

Pluto Nash (Murphy) is an audacious, successful owner of the hottest nightclub in town. Pluto finds himself in trouble when he refuses to sell his club to Mogan (Pantoliano), the lunar gangster that is helping the mysterious Rex Crater mastermind a plan to take over the entire moon.

Joining Nash in the danger and lunacy are Dina Lake (Dawson), a beautiful Earthling who has traveled to the moon to further her singing ambitions, and Pluto’s bodyguard Bruno (Quaid) – a robot quickly approaching obsolescence.

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Randy Quaid, Rosario Dawson, Joe Pantoliano, Jay Mohr, Luis Guzmán, James Rebhorn, Peter Boyle, Burt Young, Miguel A. Nuñez Jr., Pam Grier, John Cleese
Director: Ron Underwood
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Producer(s): Martin Bregman, Michael Scott Bregman, Louis A. Stroller
Writer(s): Neil Cuthbert, Kevin Wade, Adam and Andrew Scheinman
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