Species 2

In this sequel to Species, Natasha Henstridge reprises her role as the alien hybrid who was hatched from green goo and threatens to wipe out mankind. Now she is the only hope of killing off an infected astronaut who comes back from Mars bearing the alien DNA that morphs him into a techno-organic being whenever he's provoked.

In Species 2, the astronaut has returned to earth and has slipped away into the bowels of a big city, determined to complete his mission to propagate his species and do away with ordinary humans.

Even though the first female Sil was killed off in the original movie, she resurfaces to team up with the humans who must destroy the astronaut before he obliterates homo sapiens.
Cast: Peter Saphier, Mark W. Koch, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Natasha Henstridge, Mykelti Williamson
Director: Alan Arkin
Studio: MGM/UA
Producer(s): Natasha Lyonne
Writer(s): Chris Brancato
Official Site: www.speciesii-movie.com