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Smiley Face Killers

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In Theaters: December 4, 2020

On DVD/Blu-ray: December 8, 2020

R | Horror, Thriller, Crime | 1h 36m

Smiley Face Killers

As a strange wave of mysterious drownings of male college students plagues the California coast, Jake Graham (Ronen Rubinstein) struggles to keep his life together at school. Finding himself stalked by a hooded figure (Crispin Glover) driving an unmarked van, Jake fears he may become the next victim in the killers' horrific spree.

Inspired by true events and the "smiley face killers" conspiracy theory.

Cast: Ronen Rubenstein, Crispin Glover, Mia Serafino, Cody Simpson, Thomas Le Min, Leanne Linsky, Mark Garrison, Bill Hayek, Lars Viken, Julie Chapin, Andy Gilmore, Mike Handelman, Ronen Rubinstein, Amadeus Serafini, Ashley Rickards, Garrett Coffey, Daniel Covin, Rachel Crowl
Director: Andrew Fitzgerald, Tim Hunter
Studio: Lionsgate
Producer(s): Braxton Pope, Bret Easton Ellis
Writer(s): Bret Easton Ellis