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Sex After Kids

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In Theaters: February 7, 2014

Comedy | 1h 45m

Sex After Kids

Before they had a baby, newlyweds Ben (Ennis Esmer) and Jules (Shannon Beckner) couldn't keep their hands off each other. Now, they find their schedules and libidos are out of sync. Ben seeks outside advice and turns to a sex therapist (Gordon Pinsent) for help.

Single mother Lou (Zoie Palmer), who got pregnant through a sperm bank, finds casual dating difficult as a single mom. When all her dates turn out to be nice guys who wouldn't dream of having a one night stand with a single mom, her brother (Paul Amos) guides her towards the world of sexual deviants to get her kicks.

A former “it” couple (Peter Keleghan and Amanda Brugel) surprised by the birth of their son struggle to let go of their fabulous old life when he was a major player and she hung out with the Kardashians. As she struggles with her role as a new mother, he has a hard time seeing his once hot young bride turning into a soccer mom, and wonders if he can ever be attracted to her again.

Cast: Kristin Booth, Shannon Beckner, Katie Boland, Ennis Esmer, Kris Holden-Ried, Gordon Pinsent, Paul Amos, Peter Keleghan
Director: Jeremy LaLonde
Producer(s): Jason Naggiar, Jennifer Liao, Keri Peterson
Writer(s): Jeremy Lalonde