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Phantom Pain

Phantom Pain

Mark Sumner (Til Schweiger) is a man in peak physical condition who has never had to pay nearly as much attention to his loved ones as he does to his training.

Ruggedly handsome and an enthralling storyteller, Marc charms all those around him—especially women. He keeps his life simple and unfettered by working odd jobs and shirking responsibility, all so he can travel the world conquering agonizing courses on his beloved bicycle.

Unreliable and constantly broke, he even evades parental duties with his daughter Sarah (Luna Schweiger). But she'll forgive him almost anything, as will Nika (Jana Pallaske), a beautiful young woman who drifts in and out of his love life. Marc pedals hard on the pavement but coasts through his days, until one night on a dark road when everything changes.

Waking up in the emergency ward, he faces the worst possible news, and he does what any man might do. He rages. He denies. He refuses to accept his fate. And then he has to re-enter his life and try to rebuild it.

Cast: Til Schweiger, Jana Pallaske, Stipe Erceg, Luna Schweiger, Julia Brendler
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Writer(s): Matthias Emcke