Moby Dick

Herman Melville's classic story is re-imagined for the small screen in this two-part miniseries. Set in Nantucket in the mid 1800s, three men, Ishmael (Charlie Cox), Pip (Daniel Gordon), and Queequeg (Raoul Trujillo), join the crew of Captain Ahab (William Hurt), a charismatic but tyrannical whale hunter. Ahab lost his leg to a giant white whale, Moby Dick, and with the help of his new crew, he pursues his self-destructive obsession to seek revenge on the animal.

Cast: William Hurt, Ethan Hawke, Charlie Cox, Gillian Anderson, Raoul Trujillo, Billy Boyd, Eddie Marsan
Director: Mike Barker
Studio: RHI Entertainment
Producer(s): Rikolt von Gagern