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Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm

Once-successful sports agent JB Bernstein (Jon Hamm) finds himself edged out by bigger, slicker competitors. He and his partner Ash (Aasif Mandvi) are in danger of losing their business.

While watching a cricket match on TV, JB decides to go to India where the match was held in a crazy effort to find the next baseball pitching sensation. In Mumbai, he stages a televised, nationwide competition called "Million Dollar Arm" where 40,000 hopefuls compete. The winners are Rinku and Dinesh, both 18. JB brings them back to the United States to train with legendary pitching coach Tom House in order to get them signed to a major league team.

Rinku and Dinesh struggle with not only the language and cultural differences, but to master the game of baseball. As JB finds himself teaching the boys the true meaning of teamwork and commitment, he finds something he wasn't looking for—a family.

Cast: Jon Hamm, Bill Paxton, Lake Bell, Alan Arkin, Bar Paly, Aasif Mandvi, Madhur Mittal, Suraj Sharma, Al Sapienza, Mike Pniewski, Gregory Alan Williams
Director: Craig Gillespie
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Producer(s): Gordon Gray, Joe Roth, Mark Ciardi
Writer(s): Thomas McCarthy
Inspiration: Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel
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