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Live From New York!

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In Theaters: June 12, 2015

Comedy, Documentary | 1h 22m

Live From New York!

Saturday Night Live has been reflecting and influencing the American Story for 40 years. LIVE FROM NEW YORK! explores the show’s early years, an experiment from a young Lorne Michaels and his cast of unknowns, and follows its evolution into a comedy institution. The film looks at SNL as a living time capsule, encompassing decades of American politics, media, tragedy, and popular culture with an irreverent edge.

Archival footage is interwoven with stolen moments and exclusive commentary from SNL legends, journalists, hosts, musical guests, crew and others influenced by the comedy giant.

LIVE FROM NEW YORK! captures what has enabled SNL to continually refresh itself over nearly 800 episodes and keep America laughing for 40 years.

Cast: Adam Sandler, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler, Steve Martin, Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Christopher Walken, Mike Myers, John Goodman, Taran Killam, Bill Hader, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, Dan Aykroyd
Director: Bao Nguyen
Producer(s): Dolly Hall, J.L. Pomeroy, Kimmie H. Kim, Owen Moogan, Sarah Cowperthwaite, Tom Broecker
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