Home Fries

Home Fries is a romantic comedy that takes a different look at the classic "two brothers are obsessed with the same woman" tale: one wants to marry her, and the other wants to kill her. Sally Jackson is a bored teenaged burger flipper at a local grease pit who has been having an affair with Henry, an ardent older man. Just when Sally discovers Henry's married, he discovers she's pregnant, and before they can decide what to do about their predicament, Henry mysteriously dies.

What no one knows is that Henry's teenaged stepsons, Dorian and Angus, do their job a little too well when they try to scare Henry into a life of fidelity to their mother: Henry's heart gives out in his panic.

The very next day Sally meets the two boys -- she doesn't know they're Henry's stepsons, and they don't know she's been involved with their stepdad. Before long Dorian is in love, but Angus mistakenly thinks she's on to their scheme and wants to eliminate her. As the story unfolds, everyone begins to learn the truth, and when Henry's wife discovers Sally is carrying Henry's child... well let's just say they bring new meaning to the term "extended family!"
Cast: Drew Barrymore, Jake Busey, Catherine O'Hara, Shelley Duvall, Luke Wilson
Director: Dean Parisot
Studio: Warner Bros.
Producer(s): Mark Johnson, Barry Levinson, Lawrence Kasdan, Charles Newirth
Writer(s): Vince Gilligan