The award-winning Amazon Prime legal drama Goliath follows once-successful lawyer Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton), who fell from grace when a murder suspect he got acquitted later went on a killing spree and murdered an entire family.

In the first season, McBride is divorced, living out a hotel room, and no longer a part of Cooperman McBride, the prestigious firm he and his former law partner, Donald Cooperman (William Hurt), founded together. He spends the majority of his days binge-drinking and half-heartedly taking on petty legal cases before he is approached by a young attorney named Patty (Nina Arianda). Patty convinces him to help her with a wrongful death lawsuit that would put him up against his old firm. He eventually agrees to take it on, once he realizes this case goes much deeper than originally thought. Now, McBride must put aside his bruised ego and pull himself together so he can win what will surely be the biggest case of his career.

In season two, McBride takes on a new case when his friend’s 16-year-old son is charged with a double homicide. Patty and McBride team up to clear the young boy’s name but soon discover they’ve pitted themselves against a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. This season introduces several new characters, including twisted real estate developer Tom Wyatt (Mark Duplass) as well as prospective Los Angeles mayor Marisol Silva (Ana de la Reguera) who catches the eye of McBride.

Created by the collaborative team of Jonathan Shapiro and David E. Kelley, Goliath depicts Billy McBride, the David to the legal system’s Goliath, as he fights the impossible fight for justice in a system that seems to no longer care what the truth is.   

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Nina Arianda, Tania Raymonde, Ana de la Reguera, Maria Bello, Molly Parker, William Hurt, Mark Duplass, Morris Chestnut
Director: Dennie Gordon, Anthony Hemingway, Lawrence Trilling
Studio: Amazon Prime Video
Producer(s): Robert Lloyd Lewis
Writer(s): David E. Kelley, Jonathan Shapiro, Jennifer Ames, Tony Saltzman, Steve Turner, Marisa Wegrzyn, Noelle Valdivia, David Babcock