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In Theaters: April 28, 2000

PG-13 | Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 1h 57m


On October 12, 1969, an out-of-control Bruxton fire took the life of John Sullivan's father Frank (Quaid), a heroic firefighter. As John grew up, not a day went by that he didn't dream of being able to stop the tragedy of that fateful day. Now in the 90s, John (Caviezel) is a cop who remains haunted by anger and loneliness.

One day before the anniversary of his father's death, in the midst of the spectacular storm known as the aurora borealis, John Sullivan discovers in the house he inherited his father's old ham radio and begins to play with it.

Through the electrical static, he finds himself talking to a man who claims to be a firefighter and who appears to be awaiting the World Series of 1969. At first neither can believe it, but as the two reminisce, both realize that they are truly speaking through time. John doesn't hesitate but warns his father about his upcoming death.

Suddenly on October 12, 1999, John discovers that he now has photographs on his walls of his father as a gray-haired man. By changing the past, the Sullivans have forged a new present.

Although John is ecstatic with the new memories of his father, he soon discovers that other things have been altered. Subtle changes caused by his father's survival have led to a string of serial crimes, including the grisly murder of John's mother. Now the two work together to try to fix the reality they distorted.

Cast: Andre Braugher, Dennis Quaid, Noah Emmerich, Elizabeth Mitchell, Shawn Doyle, Jim Caviezel, Michael Cera, Jordan Bridges, Daniel Henson, Frank McAnulty, Stephen Joffe
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Studio: New Line Cinema
Producer(s): Howard "Hawk" Koch, Howard Koch Jr., Toby Emmerich
Writer(s): Toby Emmerich
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