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Forever Young (1992)

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In Theaters: December 16, 1992

Drama, Romance | 1h 42m

Forever Young (1992)

United States Army Air Corps test pilot Captain Daniel McCormick (Mel Gibson), is frozen in suspended animation by his longtime friend, scientist Harry Finley (George Wendt) at his request after his girlfriend Helen (Isabel Glasser) has an accident and is left in a coma. Because he was told she would likely never recover, McCormick asks his friend to freeze him for one year, starting November 26, 1939, so he won't have to be there when Helen dies.

In 1992, two boys playing inside a military storage warehouse discover McCormick's body, still frozen. When they accidentally open the chamber his body is in, he begins to move and the boys run away, leaving a jacket behind. McCormick approaches the military to ask what happened and why he was frozen for over 50 years, but they don't believe his story. Through a tag in the back of the boy's jacket, he tracks down Nat Cooper (Elijah Wood) and convinces him of what happened. Nat hides him in his treehouse, where the pilot witnesses Nat's single mother, Claire (Jamie Lee Curtis) being attacked by her ex-boyfriend, and races to her defense.

Thankful for his help, Claire cleans up his wounds and offers him a place to stay until he can find his friends. However, McCormick's body suddenly begins to age at a rapid place.
Cast: Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood, George Wendt, Walton Goggins, Art LaFleur, Isabel Glasser
Director: Steve Miner
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Writer(s): J.J. Abrams