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Enemy At The Gates

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In Theaters: March 16, 2001

R | Drama, Romance | 2h 11m

Enemy At The Gates

In WWII, the battle of Stalingrad is well under way. As ranks of Germans and Russians are killed trying to achieve this important victory, it is the Nazi's who are getting the upper hand.

When a Russian sniper, Vassili Zaitsev (Law), starts taking down numerous Germans, a Soviet political officer, Danilov (Finnes) decides to take advantage of the positive news and makes Vassili into a much needed national hero. Danilov's propaganda efforts, however, soon turn sour, as both men fall in love with a female soldier (Weisz).

Meanwhile, news of the national hero has crossed the battle lines, and German troops begin fearing for their lives. To combat the problem, their best sniper, Major Konig (Harris) is called in to personally take out Vassili.

Cast: Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Bob Hoskins, Joseph Fiennes, Ron Perlman
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Producer(s): Jean-Jacques Annaud, John D. Schofield
Writer(s): Jean-Jacques Annaud, Alain Goddard
Official Site: www.enemyatthegatesmovie.com