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Citizen Duane

Citizen Duane

Duane Balfour (Douglas Smith) has a long-standing rivalry with Chad Milton that predates his birth. The Balfours and Miltons are the Hatfields and McCoys of these parts, and the bad blood runs deep... especially for Duane. The untimely demise of his father, fuels Duane's feud against the Miltons. After failing to even the score with Chad at the high school level, Duane decides to put it into overdrive -- waging an all-out campaign against Kelly Milton -- mayor of Ridgeway and matriarch of the Milton family.

With his 15-year old brother Maurie as campaign manager, Duane persuades his uncle - pub owner and chronic gambler Bingo Balfour - to pony up the cash needed to launch his candidacy. Meanwhile, Duane is also trying to set his personal life straight as he endeavors to reclaim his on-again, off-again girlfriend Molly. For her part, Molly is more than a little skeptical of Duane and his constant feuding and she becomes even more skeptical when Duane burns down her garage.

Almost as soon as his campaign gets off the ground, the unlucky legacy of his family comes back to haunt him as setback after setback move his chances from slim to none. Working against him is not only the Milton family, a less-than-cooperative media, and a series of very public debacles... but also history itself.

Cast: Douglas Smith, Vivica A. Fox, Devon Bostick, Jane McGregor, Rosemary Dunmore, Kevin Jubinville, Alberta Watson, Donal Logue
Director: Michael Mabbott
Studio: Maple Pictures
Producer(s): Carolynne Bell, Susan Cavan
Writer(s): Robert Deleskie