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Cherry Falls

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In Theaters: November 10, 2000

R | Horror, Thriller | 1h 40m

Cherry Falls

A serial killer stalks teenage girls who are still virgins in a small Virgina (get it?) town. The film focuses on the daughter (Murphy) of the sheriff (Biehn) and on-off relationship with her boyfriend (Mann). Matters are complicated by a dark secret in the shared past of the sheriff and the high school prinicipal, which as it turns out, has a lot to do with the recent murders. The killing continues until the students decide to have an orgy in order to save themselves. Alright!

Cast: Jay Mohr, Brittany Murphy, Michael Biehn, DJ Qualls, Amanda Anka, Candy Clark, Joe Inscoe, Natalie Ramsey, Clementine Ford, Danny Scalf, D.J. Qualls, Christian Durango, Rand Courtney, Deborah Hobart, Rick Forrester, Caroline Perreyclear, Alex Wharff
Director: Geoffrey Wright
Studio: USA Films
Producer(s): Eli Selden, Marshall Persinger
Writer(s): Ken Selden