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Bukowski: Born Into This

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In Theaters: January 18, 2003

R | Documentary | 1h 53m

Bukowski: Born Into This

Comprehensive documentary of Charles Bukowski (1920-1994), one of those rare writers whose work created a myth of epic proportions around its creator. Over the years, the name Bukowski has become synonymous with drinking and fighting, seedy barrooms and foul-mouthed prostitutes, low-paying jobs and roach-infested hotel rooms. For readers, Bukowski has come to personify the lower depths of human existence; in a direct, powerful and very personal style, he writes about an unthinkable but very real degradation-degradation based on his own life experiences.
Cast: Charles Bukowski, Marina Bukowski, Linda Lee Bukowski, Bono , Sean Penn, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Waits, Taylor Hackford
Director: John Dullaghan
Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Producer(s): John Dullaghan
Official Site: www.magpictures.com/distribution/bukowski