Jaime (Chad McKinney), a young Filipino-American boxer, lives in Manila and is managed by his American expat father Rick (Garret Dillahunt). Rick is extremely ambitious for Jaime to make a name for himself. When he asks Jaime to tamper with his gloves so he can be certain he'll win a match in order to please criminals who've put a lot of money on him, Jaime reluctantly does it.

Jaime wins the bout, but his opponent dies from the injuries he sustained due to the glove tampering. Guilt-stricken, Jaime wants to turn himself in, despite objections from his father. However, while the criminals who had a stake in the game are searching for him, Jaime has already found his way to his opponent's family — who have to go on the run with him.

Cast: Garret Dillahunt, Chad McKinney, Angeli Bayani, Will Jaymes, Wyzel Myo Indonto
Director: Tom McKeith, Sam McKeith
Studio: Boulevard Film
Producer(s): Robert Coe, Will Jaymes, Bianca Balbuena
Writer(s): Tom McKeith, Will Jaymes, Sam McKeith