At Home, By Myself...With You Movie Poster

At Home, By Myself...With You

At Home, By Myself...With You

Romy Scott, 30, has a number of fears—lobsters, closed boxes, kissing and storms—to name a few. Her worst fear is of going outside her apartment because everytime she does, something bad happens. So she's decided not to ever go outside again.

She gets things brought to her apartment through the help of a nice old lady who lives across the hall. But when the old lady passes, Romy is stuck. Even worse, the old lady's nephew, who likes to move from place to place, comes to squat in the empty apartment, and Romy soon decides he's not going to be any help at all.

Though they have a mutual dislike upon first meeting, their antagonism warms to friendship. When she finds herself falling for him, it's a problem because even though she's trying to conquer her fears, she knows he's always on the go and she's not sure she's ready for that.

Cast: Kristin Booth, Aaron Abrams, Shauna MacDonald, Gordon Pinsent, Rosemary Dunsmore
Director: Kris Booth
Studio: Pocket Change Films
Producer(s): Bryce Mitchell
Writer(s): Kris Booth
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