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In Theaters: September 2, 2016

On DVD/Blu-ray: February 7, 2017

Horror | 1h 34m


Lou (Natasha Lyonne), a young alcoholic who's also into pill popping and smoking her bong, enjoys spending her nights attending field parties, while her days are spent stumbling around in a stupor. But when Lou wakes up after a night of partying with hazy memories of what happened the night before, she finds to her surprise and dismay that she's pregnant.

Her equally hard-partying best friend Sadie (Chloƫ Sevigny) tells Lou she might want to slow it down with the drugs and booze now that she's expecting, but Lou doesn't listen. When she spots a strange growth on her neck and experiences hallucinations, she begins to wonder what is growing inside her. As her due date rapidly approaches, the people around her begin to fear what's happening to Lou.

Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Chloe Sevigny, Meg Tilly, Emmanuel Kabongo, Neville Edwards, Morgan Bedard, Corey Pascall
Director: Danny Perez
Producer(s): David Anselmo, Justin Kelly, Roger Mayer
Writer(s): Danny Perez