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A Room With a View

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In Theaters: March 7, 1986

R | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1h 57m

A Room With a View

Set during the Edwardian Era, Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter), like all proper young British ladies, is compelled to tour Europe in the company of an older chaperone — in this instance, her spinster cousin Charlotte Bartlett (Maggie Smith). While in Italy, the ladies make the acquaintance of a wide variety of personalities; the most fascinating of their fellow tourists — at least in Lucy's eyes — is free-spirited George Emerson (Julian Sands). Aware that her cousin is becoming too familiar with Emerson, Charlotte demands that Lucy return to England posthaste.

Lucy complacently settles for the tiresomely traditional courtship of nerdish Cecil Vyse (Daniel Day-Lewis) — and then Mr. Emerson moves into the neighborhood. Lucy now finds herself on the horns of a dilemma: Should she opt for a safe, proper marriage to Cecil, or the bohemian unpredictability of the charismatic Emerson? A winner of three Academy Awards, A Room with a View is not what one could call fast-moving, but fans of the Merchant-Ivory team will enjoy luxuriating in the film's leisurely pace and stimulating cast of characters.

Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith, Daniel Day-Lewis, Julian Sands, Judi Dench, Simon Callow, Patrick Godfrey, Denholm Elliott, Rupert Graves, Helena Bonham-Carter, Rosemary Leach, Fabia Drake, Joan Henley, Maria Britneva, Peter Cellier, Mia Fothergill, Patricia Lawrence, Mirio Guidelli, Kitty Aldridge, Freddy Korner
Director: James Ivory
Producer(s): Ismail Merchant
Writer(s): Ruth Prawer Jhabvala