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A Bigger Splash

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In Theaters: October 5, 1974

Documentary, Drama, Biography | 2h 5m

A Bigger Splash

A true oddity that cannot escape its dated origins, A Bigger Splash is a fictional film in which all the actors play themselves. David Hockney is a gay painter unable to work when he breaks up with a boyfriend, leading his friends and his art dealer to worry about him. Eventually, Hockney begins a new painting, using a swimming pool as a canvas, in which he draws a picture of a man floating in the pool while his lover stands outside and stares. Made in 1974 but unreleased until a decade later, A Bigger Splash paints a vivid picture of the Swinging London art and gay scenes of the early 1970s.

Cast: David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger, Celia Birtwell, Henry Geldzahler, Mo McDermott
Director: Jack Hazan
Studio: New Line Cinema
Producer(s): Jack Hazan, Mike Kaplan
Writer(s): Jack Hazan, David Mingay