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In Theaters: July 11, 2024

Documentary | 1h 45m


What if the adversities of life aren't simply meant to be overcome, but rather, to be embraced? What if our watershed moments aren't all defining, but instead, turning points that can reveal the inherent strength that exists within each and everyone of us? The new documentary WATERSHED chronicles the incredible story of Mallory Weggemann, who's on a quest to answer these very questions. Paralyzed at the age of 18, Weggemann found refuge in the pool as a swimmer and has gone on to win five Paralympic medals. Now, she's not only looking to reclaim her spot on the podium, but she's trying to become a mother as well.In WATERSHED, which was self-documented by Weggemann and her husband Jay Snyder, Weggemann is training for the Tokyo Paralympics during the challenges of COVID-19. Battling an additional injury to her arm, her athletic career is in question. Against the backdrop of this existential crossroads, Weggemann and Snyder bravely share their struggles with infertility and the importance of IVF as the couple pulls back the curtain on their journey to start a family.

Cast: Mallory Weggemann