The Girl In The Sneakers Movie Poster

The Girl In The Sneakers

The Girl In The Sneakers

Due to personal traumas, two 15-year-olds must grow up quickly in Iran. Aideen and Tehran are in love, but during their fourth date the two are taken to the police station and face questioning. Finding Tehran is not pregnant, the two are sent home and charges against the boy are dropped.

After a scolding from their parents, Aideen is forced to leave and stay with a relative. Meanwhile, Tehran goes into a depressed state and wonders the city with her white running shoes on.

Through her travels and his seclusion, the two leave their naïve world.

Cast: Pegah Ahangarani, Majid Hajizadeh, Akram Mohammadi
Director: Rasul Sadrameli
Studio: Milad Films
Writer(s): Fereydoun Farhudi, Peyman Qasemkhani