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Run Nixon

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In Theaters: November 22, 2023

Drama | 1h 53m

Run Nixon

RUN NIXON propels audiences into a heart-racing urban thriller where every second counts. The story unfolds around Dre, a father propelled into a desperate race against time to save his son, Nixon. When Stacy, Nixon's mother, takes a daring plunge into the criminal underworld, robbing the menacing Slice to fund their son's life-saving surgery, the stakes skyrocket.Unbeknownst to Dre, this audacious move triggers a relentless chain of events, leading Slice to retaliate by kidnapping Nixon. The tension reaches a boiling point in an electrifying face-off with Slice, a testament to a father's unwavering love and courage.
Cast: Wavyy Jonez
Writer(s): SkyDirects , Michelle Vital