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In Theaters: October 6, 2023

Drama, Romance, Thriller


It is Monsoon in Bangladesh, and a series of unfortunate events lead Mona - played by Actor Mahfuz Ahmed - to leave his home behind and seek shelter under the roof of musician Ustad Jamshed , played by veteran actor Nasir Uddin. Orpa, played by Actress Shabnam Bubly is the better half of Jamshed but their relationship is estranged. Mona is slowly drawn to the beauty and charm of Orpa, and over time gets tangled up in the web of secrets that the residents share. Again, Mona has his share of secrets and Detective Sharif (played by Actor Rashed Mamun Apu) arrives at the House to uncover everything. Prohelika is a plot of love, tragedy, deception and revenge with twists that will\ keep you glued to the screen till the end.
Cast: Mahfuz Ahmed