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Ex-File 4 (Qian Ren 4)

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In Theaters: September 28, 2023

Comedy, Romance

Ex-File 4 (Qian Ren 4)

The immensely popular EX-FILE franchise now comes to its fourth sequel in which we see buddies Meng Yun and Yu Fei are coming to an age to settle down.Faced with pressure from families, Meng Yun, who is still dealing with the "aftermath of a breakup," begins to search for true love with the question "Why get married?" lingering on his mind. On the other hand, in order to get ready for married life, Yu Fei and his girlfriend Ding Dian create a marriage cooling-off period to experience the trouble they may encounter after marriage. The ups and downs of marriage indeed become challenging for their relationship.One is getting lost on the path to find true love, while the other has to deal with new drama after a taste of "the married life". The two brothers are now confronted with new emotional dilemmas...