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The Lion King

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In Theaters: June 15, 1994

G | Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Musical | 1h 29m

Matthew Broderick

as Adult Simba the Lion

Niketa Calame

as Young Nala the Lioness

Jim Cummings

as Ed the Hyena, Gopher, Additional Scar Singing Voic

Nathan Lane

as Timon the Meerkat

Ernie Sabella

as Pumbaa the Warthog

Jeremy Irons

as Scar the Lion

Robert Guillaume

as Raifiki the Mandrill

Rowan Atkinson

as Zazu the Hornbill

Moira Kelly

as Adult Nala the Lioness

Whoopi Goldberg

as Shenzi the Hyena

Zoe Leader

as Sarafina the Lioness

Cheech Marin

as Banzai the Hyena

Madge Sinclair

as Queen Sarabi the Lioness

Jonathan Thomas

as Young Simba the Lion

Joseph Williams

as Adult Simba's Singing Voice

Laura Williams

as Young Nala's Singing Voice

Judith Durand

as Additional voice

David McCharen

as Additional voice

Philip Proctor

as Additional voice

David Randolph

as Additional voice