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Timothy Björklund Biography


Born in San Francisco, Tim Björklund earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Graphics/Experimental Animation from CalArts in 1982 and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree two years later. He began his professional career as an animator/director for Colossal Pictures and Industrial Light & Magic, where he worked for nine years before becoming the writer/director on the first three seasons of Nickelodeon's animated series Rocko's Modern Life. From 1994 to 1996, Björklund was the producer/writer/director of the first season of CBS' The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat.

Following that, he worked for three years as Director of Development for Ink Biscuits Studios on the Cartoon Network's Late Night Black and White series, which earned an Annie Award in 1998. Björklund arrived at Walt Disney Television Animation in 1999 to work as the director of the series Disney's Teacher's Pet. In 2001, he began working on his feature film directorial debut -- the film Teacher's Pet, based on the television series.


Teacher's Pet(2004)


Director Disney's Teacher's Pet (2004)