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Score: 6.52 / 10
Released: April 18, 2014
Director: Wally Pfister
Producer: David Valdés, Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Aaron Ryder, Marisa Polvino, Kate Cohen, Annie Marter
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara, Cole Hauser, Morgan Freeman
Genre: Thriller
Length: 119 minutes
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Kate Mara Biography


Date of Birth: February 27, 1983

As the great-granddaughter of Timothy Mara, the founder of the New York Giants, Kate Mara has never been a stranger to the spotlight, singing the national anthem at various Giants home games since she was a young girl.

Born and raised in Bedford, New York, Kate graduated from high school a year early and was accepted at NYU, but postponed university in order to focus on her passion for acting and singing, which she had from a young age. After seeing the stage production Les Misérables she said she "fell in love with Broadway and musicals."

Kate acted in several plays before beginning her venture into film. Her first big screen role was in Joe the King, closely followed by an appearance in Sydney Pollack's Random Hearts, both released in 1999. Following these initial film appearances, Kate was a regular on several television shows including Nip/Tuck, Jack & Bobby, Entourage, American Horror Story and most recently, House of Cards.

Kate balances acting in both television and movies, appearing in popular films such as Brokeback Mountain (2005), 127 Hours (2010) and Deadfall (2012). She also starred in Transcendence (2014) alongside Johnny Depp, and in Fantastic Four alongside Miles Teller. More recently, she starred in the space drama The Martian (2015), the sci-fi thriller Morgan (2016), the post-apocalyptic war drama Man Down (2016). In the biopic Megan Leavey (2017), she played the title role — a young woman who joins the Marines and when she's assigned to the bomb squad with a canine partner, she bonds with him. She next starred in another biopic — Chappaquiddick (2018), playing Mary Jo Kopechne, who was in a car with senator Ted Kennedy when he drove it off a bridge and then left her to drown.

Kate, who married fellow actor Jamie Bell in July 2017, has a younger sister, Rooney Mara, who is also a successful actress. The two Mara sisters, who are both vegans, have campaigned successfully to get more humane conditions for chimpanzees in Liberia.


Megan Leavey (2017)
My Days of Mercy (2017)
Man Down (2016)
The Heyday of Insensitive Bastards (2016)
Morgan (2016)
Captive (2015)
Fantastic Four (2015)
The Martian (2015)
House of Cards: Season 2 (2014)
Transcendence (2014)
10 Years (2012)
Deadfall (2012)
Ten Year (2011)
Ironclad (2011)
Peep World (2010)
127 Hours (2010)
Iron Man 2 (2010)
Happythankyoumoreplease (2010)
Stone of Destiny (2008)
Transsiberian (2008)
Shooter (2007)
Full of It (2007)
We Are Marshall (2006)
Fireflies (2006)
Zoom (2006)
The Californians (2005)
Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Tadpole (2000)
Random Hearts (1999)
Joe the King (1999)


Actor Chappaquiddick (2018)
Actor My Days of Mercy (2017)
Producer My Days of Mercy (2017)
Actor 10 Years (2011) (2016)
Actor Man Down (2016)
Actor Captive (2015)
Actor Fantastic Four 3D (2015)
Actor Deadfall (2012)
Actor Peep World (2011)
Actor 127 Hours (2010)
Actor Iron Man 2 (2010)
Actor The Open Road (2009)
Actor Stone of Destiny (2009)
Actor Transsiberian (2008)
Actor Full of It (2007)
Actor Shooter (2007)
Actor We Are Marshall (2006)
Actor Zoom (2006) (2006)