Wild Things Overview

Welcome to Blue Bay, Florida, where the opulent mansions of the super rich house scandal, sex and murder. Kelly Van Ryan is a seductive young beauty with an acute sense of entitlement and passion for her sexy guidance counsellor at Blue Bay High. After washing his car at a school fund raiser, she appears at his house wearing a clinging wet t-shirt.

The next day, she confesses to her mother (who has a penchant for disposable young men) that the guidance counsellor has assaulted her. Then, another girl comes forward claiming he raped her as well.

In short order, the scandal has its tentacles wrapped around the entire town. Secrets mount and the story develops into a wicked maze of entanglements. Nothing is sacred in Blue Bay, where beneath the sheen of high society and police propriety lurks a labyrinth of twists and turns.