Three... Extremes Overview

A trilogy of horror films from three accomplished Asian directors. In Box, from Japan, Kyoko is a reclusive writer with painful memories from her childhood. As a child, she and her sister danced in their father’s entertainment act and she feels responsible for a tragic accident that took place.

In Cut, from Korea, a film director is knocked out by an intruder when he returns home from the studio. When he comes to, he finds he has been tied up and his wife has had her fingers glued to the piano by a film extra who is jealous of Ryu’s fame.

In Dumplings, from Hong Kong, Mrs. Lee retires from a successful television career, but as she approaches middle age she becomes aware that her husband is growing distant. He has a series of affairs with younger women, so Mrs. Lee turns to Aunt Mei who has a secret for staying young-looking -- dumplings made from the flesh of aborted human fetuses.