The Sum Of All Fears Overview

Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) has started working for the CIA as an analyst. When the Russian President dies and is replaced by a man named Nemerov, the CIA brings in Ryan, who has studied the man extensively, as an advisor. Schooled by William Cabot (Morgan Freeman) in the ways of the CIA, Ryan goes to Russia to meet President Nemerov and visit an area where nuclear bombs are being disassembled. There he and Cabot discover that three of the scientists assigned to the project are missing. Not only that, but the three make up the exact knowledge combination needed to make a nuclear bomb.

After sending in American spy John Clark (Liev Schreiber) to investigate, it is discovered that the scientists are not missing but working together in a secret area.

The Sum of All Fears explores the hypothetical scenario of what could happen if a nuclear weapon fell into the wrong hands, and provides a frightening depiction of how quickly fear can escalate into a paranoia that dominates man’s ability to reason.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Partly filmed in Ottawa, Ontario; Carp, Ontario and Montréal, Québec.