Shakti: The Power Overview

Nandini (Karishma Kapoor) lives in Canada with her two doting uncles, who treat her like a princess. She meets Shekhar (Sanjay Kapoor), and in time, they get married. They soon have an adorable son, Raja. A few years later, Shekhar suddenly informs Nandini that they must go to India to visit his ailing mother. In India, Nandini and and Raja are taken aback by the crowds, the heat and the dust. Shekhar herds them into a train for a long and exhausting journey. When the three finally arrive on a platform, they find they still have to endure a harrowing ride in a dirty, crowded bus through harsh and dusty terrain. To Nandini's absolute horror, their bus is stopped by a frenzied mob and Shekhar attacked by enemies of his father.

Just as Nandini thinks the end is near, Shekhar's father's men rescue them. Shekhar, Nandini and Raja are driven to a fortress-like home where Shekhar's father, tyrant Narsimha (Patekar), reigns supreme. Although treated rudely by her father-in-law, Nandini is given a loving welcome by her mother-in-law (Naval). Even though she grows to love her gentle mother-in-law, Nandini is revolted by the savage and ruthless ways of Narsimha, for whom killing is a way of life. One day Nandini sees Narsimha teaching her little son, Raja, to throw a home made bomb, and she becomes livid. Shekhar pacifies her and promises her that they will return to Canada soon. Just as she starts dreaming of a peaceful life again, her world is shattered. Overnight, she and her beloved son are at the mercy of the man she hates most in the world -- Narsimha. Alone in an alien land, surrounded by cruel and ruthless people, Nandini is starved, beaten and locked up. The sophisticated, pampered girl changes into a tigress, and refusing to bow down to the inevitable, she takes her destiny into her own hands.