Return to Sender

Return to Sender

Score: 5.86 / 10
Released: August 14, 2015
Director: Fouad Mikati
Producer: Holly Wiersma, Candice Abela-Mikati
Studio: Voltage Picturesa
Cast: Rosamund Pike, Shiloh Fernandez, Camryn Manheim, Illeana Douglas, Nick Nolte
Genre: Thriller
Length: 95 minutes
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Return to Sender Overview

A small town nurse (Rosamund Pike) is traumatized when she mistakes the identify of a man at her door and lets him in. He brutally assaults her and when he's caught, she decides to get in contact with him, hoping to make sense of what has happened.

She even goes as far as visiting him in jail, against her father's (Nick Nolte) advice. But does she really want to befriend him, or does she have something else in mind?

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