Money Hai Toh Honey Hai Overview

MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI (MHHH) is about this eventful and whirlwind journey of Bobby, a planner along with 5 losers, Lala bhai, a failed business man, Gaurav, an honest copy writer, Manik, a struggling model, Shruti, a struggling fashion designer and Ashima, a successful TV actress. One fine day, they all get a SMS from some cranky old man Mr. Jaiswal, who tells them they are the owner of his group of companies, which is worth 1000 crores, whom they ignored initially but later somehow decided to give it a thought and finally arrive at the resort. With loads of dream in their eyes, they all reach the resort and start enjoying their newfound positions that of the owner of a resort and textile industries. However, upon their arrival at the resort separately, they realize Jaiswal called not one but all six of them. After the formalities of transferring the ownership, they are very happy and in a celebration mood but it doesn't last for long. The lawyer reveals that there's a loan of 1200 crore on the company and they must repay it and till they repay the loan, they would be house arrested. They are shocked. Batra, the Manager, who eyed the properties play different tricks on them but it doesn't work. Will they be able to run the empire together or try to fight among themselves with Parag Batra, the loyal manager of Jaiswal standing on their way like a rock and instigating them against each other hoping to wipeout them from the scene so that he could be the new MD of this resort.