Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

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Released: August 31, 2001
Director: Victor Salva
Producer: Barry Opper, Tom Luse
Studio: United Artists
Cast: Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Eileen Brennan
Genre: Horror
Length: 89 minutes
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Jeepers Creepers Overview

As Trish (Philips) and her younger brother Darry (Long) are taking a long drive home for spring break, they pass the time playfully bickering and insulting each other. As they start to drive down a long deserted country road, they recall the tale about a teenage couple from their old high school who disappeared along the same stretch of road.

They pass an old church and spot a cloaked person dumping a body-shapped bag. When the figure sees them, he gives chase in an old van, which runs them off the road. With the van out of sight, Trish and Darry return to the church to discover what the mysterious stranger was trying to hide.

Their curiosity leads them to a room filled with mutilated bodies, and a race for their lives from... the Creeper.