To Rome With Love

To Rome With Love

Score: 5.92 / 10
Released: July 6, 2012 - Toronto, Vancouver
July 13 - wide
July 20 - Montreal
Director: Woody Allen
Producer: Letty Aronson, Stephen Tenenbaum
Studio: Mongrel Media
Cast: Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penélope Cruz, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page
Genre: Comedy
Length: 112 minutes
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To Rome With Love Overview

Well-known American architect John (Alec Baldwin) returns to Rome, where he lived in his youth, for a vacation. While walking through his former neighborhood he meets Jack (Jesse Eisenberg), a young man who reminds him of his younger self. As Jack fall head-over-heels for Monica (Ellen Page), John relives a painful romantic time in his life.

A retired opera director named Jerry (Woody Allen) and his wife Phyllis (Judy Davis) fly to Rome to meet their daughter Hayley's (Alison Pill) Italian fiancé, Michelangelo (Flavio Parenti). When Jerry hears Michelangelo's undertaker father, Giancarlo, sing complicated operatic arias in the shower, he decides to promote Jerry as a singer while at the same time reviving his own career.

Leopoldo Pisanello (Roberto Benigni) wakes up one morning to find he's one of Italy's most famous men. The paparazzi trail him everywhere and although Leopoldo gets used to being in the limelight, he comes to realizes the downside of fame.

Meanwhile, Antonio has arrived in Rome hoping to impress his relatives with his lovely new wife Milly. When the couple is separated for the day through a chance misunderstanding, Antonio instead passes off a beautiful stranger (Penélope Cruz) as his wife, while Milly is romanced by a legendary movie star.