Death Stop Holocaust

Death Stop Holocaust

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Released: July 11, 2009
Director: Justin Russell
Producer: Justin Russell, Aaron Russell
Studio: Gamma Knife Films
Cast: Lisa Krenisky, E. Ray Goodwin Jr.
Genre: Horror
Length: 80 minutes
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Death Stop Holocaust Overview

Death Stop Holocaust is a horror film meant to push the envelope and is a graphic throwback to the '70s grindhouse films (in particular, the Italian movies of that period). The film is a gory and raw ride that takes place over a two-day stint in the lives of two young women. While heading to a summer home for vacation on a remote island, Liz and Taylor happen upon a group of locals that torture and kill outsiders. While desperately trying to find help, it becomes more and more obvious that the entire island is in on the ruse and will stop at nothing to preserve their secret.

At its root, it's a slasher film, but not your current everyday Hollywood-esque horror film. Death Stop Holocaust is going back to the roots of true horror where atmosphere and ominous ambience were the real scare. With a classic story and a presence, Death Stop Holocaust will shock audiences and delight true horror fans.

This film contains violence and gore which may be considered shocking. The filmmakers must insist that all audiences view at their own risk.