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Released: November 2, 2018
Director: Lee Chang-Dong
Producer: Chang-dong Lee, Gwang-hee Ok
Studio: Well Go USA Entertainment
Cast: Steven Yeun, Ah-In Yoo, Jong-seo Jun
Genre: Drama
Length: 146 minutes
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Burning Overview

An alienated young man, Jongsu (Yoo Ah-In), is a frustrated introvert who jumps from job to job. His life is complicated when his path crosses that of a childhood friend from his hometown, Haemi (Jeon Jong-seo). The two grow fond of each other, and when she goes out of town, Haemi asks Jongsu to take care of her cat.

When she returns from her trip, she arrives with Ben (Steven Yeun), a wealthy and sophisticated young man who drives a Porsche and lives in a fancy apartment. Jongsu feels threatened by Ben and is suspicious about his rival's motives towards Haemi. When Haemi suddenly goes missing, her cellphone is disconnected, her messy apartment is cleaned up, and her cat is nowhere to be found. Jongsu, who has learned what Ben's secret hobby is, can't help but believe the man is somehow connected to her disappearance.

In Korean with English subtitles.