Becoming Nobody

Becoming Nobody

Score: 9 / 10
Released: September 6, 2019
Director: Jamie Catto
Producer: Zachary Bennett, Jamie Catto, Karen Nourse, Raghu Markus
Studio: Films We Like
Cast: Ram Dass, Jamie Catto
Genre: Documentary
Length: 81 minutes
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Becoming Nobody Overview

Director Jamie Catto shows audiences the personal journey to enlightenment of American spiritual teacher and former clinical psychologist Ram Dass, who was born Richard Alpert in Boston. Ram Dass discusses his experimentation with drugs, fasting, meditation and psychology in his journey to find out the purpose and meaning of his life.

Through archival footage, Ram Dass explains his ideas and beliefs. He talks about how everyone is busy "being somebody" and trying to have other people go along with the idea of who we believe we are. He reveals that he feels shedding one's ego and sense of self—becoming nobody—helps a person to become one with the universe, saying, "When you make yourself into zero, that’s when your power is unbelievable."

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