An Officer and a Gentleman Overview

Zachary Mayo (Richard Gere) has been living with his father Byron (Robert Loggia) since he was a young child, after his mother committed suicide. However, Byron openly admitted he wanted nothing to do with his son and Zachary grew up neglected and a loner, with no one to depend on but himself.

Wanting to put his life on a new path, Zack signs up for the Navy, training as an aviator. Despite being warned by Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (Louis Gossett, Jr.) to stay away from local girls because they want to get pregnant to trap men, he forms a connection with a young woman named Paula (Debra Winger). He also makes friends with fellow naval candidate Sid Worley. Through the difficult training, Zack is taught a lesson of the importance of relying on those close to him.