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Released: April 6, 2018
Director: Carlos Sanchez, Jason Sanchez
Producer: Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
Studio: Entertainment One
Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Julia Sarah Stone, Denis O'Hare
Genre: Drama
Length: 105 minutes
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Allure Overview

Laura Drake (Evan Rachel Wood), an unstable 30-year-old alcoholic, is sent by her father (Denis O’Hare), who owns a cleaning company, to work for Nancy (Maxim Roy), a single mother living in a wealthy neighborhood. From the moment Laura spots Nancy's teenage daughter, Eva (Julia Sarah Stone), she tries to bond with her, pretending to like the same music.

Eva, 16, is a gifted classical musician who spends long hours practicing piano, but she becomes disheartened when her mother always finds fault with her performances. When Eva and her mother have an argument, Laura comforts the girl, while making romantic advances. Before long, Laura has convinced Eva to move in with her, without letting Nancy know.

When Eva is reported as missing, Laura's father demands to know what she's done, but the woman denies everything. Meanwhile, Eva soon discovers she's being held as a hostage, unable to get out of the house, as Laura continues making sexual advances.